Individual Extended Health & Dental Insurance

Ongoing support for your well-being

If you are retiring, your group health plan coverage may be ending. More than ever, living on a fixed income becomes the time to include financial protection — health insurance — in your budget. That way, you continue your coverage for the routine expenses that aren’t part of your provincial health insurance plan. And you are prepared for those situations you didn’t plan. Provincial health care is changing. Provincial health care funding is continually reassessed. While governments reduce coverage for some health care services and stop others, your group health care plan bridged the gaps. Individual, supplemental health insurance is designed to do the same: to protect you against out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your provincial health plan. For more information, see Green Shield Health Assist, or Pacific Blue Cross™

Common Myths about Health Insurance

  “The government covers me.”

Health insurance benefits provided by the provincial health plan will only cover basic medical needs – like a trip to the doctor or hospital. You will have to pay for prescription drugs, dental care, and vision care on your own.

  “I am healthy – I don’t need insurance.”

None of us likes to think about the possibility of becoming ill. But the reality is that an accident or illness happens unexpectedly. That can cost you and your family your entire savings. Supplemental health, critical illness, and long term disability insurances provides peace of mind in the event of serious accident or illness.

  “I’d only claim a few things a year.”

Remember, the purpose of insurance is to ensure your family’s financial security. When it comes to supplemental health plans, many people only think about the typical dental, drug and vision benefits. The lasting value comes from the comfort of knowing you don’t have to worry about the uncertainties that may arise.

Don’t fall for these misconceptions.  Contact us today to talk about including supplemental insurance in your budget.