Federation Association Benefit Plan

Big or small, we serve them all! Over 65 social service agencies across the province of British Columbia currently enjoy the convenience and cost savings of a group benefits program through the Federation of Community Social Services of British Columbia (FCSS).

Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates have been the official broker for this service since 1983. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the member agencies, and in 2000, they gave us the Excellence in Service award in recognition of our exceptional service to the membership.

Federation Association Benefit Plan

The Federation Association Benefit Plan (FABP) is a fully insured plan, underwritten by Pacific Blue Cross, BC Life, and ACE INA Life. It provides social service organizations with the most comprehensive employee benefits – at competitive rates.

We stand behind our promise of “More benefits than you planned for.

If you are an agency in the social services sector based in BC and would like more details about FCSS, please visit their website.

For more information about the FABP, view the brochure here.

“I would like to take this occasion to thank you for the exceptional service you have offered the Federation of Community Social Services of BC over the past 25 years. We appreciate the flexible, caring and responsive service that you have provided over this period. When you combine this with exceptionally competitive rates, your service was a key drawing card for membership in our Federation and continues to be so.

All in all, I would say that our relationship with your organization has been nothing less than stellar and I look forward to many more fruitful years of business with Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates.”

J. Belfie, Insurance Liaison
The Federation of Community Social Services of BC


The Federation of Community Social Services of BC

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