Association Plans

Raising the voice of BC’s associations

Offering access to a group benefits plan has been a key way for these associations to “raise their voice” – attract members and enhance the lives of their members’ employees.

Federation Association Benefit Plan BCLNA LINK
IABC Flowers Canada CHC - CCH

We know that a benefit plan doesn’t really feel like much of a “benefit” when it comes with a whole bunch of headaches.

From the relationships with these associations alone, Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates has almost three quarters of a century of combined experience developing and customizing plans for organizations. Private or public sector. Union or non-union. One-person shop to large company. All sizes, all situations. Our associates have the experience and flexibility to match your current benefits… or create a new plan.

And it all comes with our trademarked service and personal approach.

Contact us for more information. We’d love to help.

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