Saw Mills / Lumber

Only one of our specialties

Many of our clients in the past two decades have been sawmills and lumber companies.

Our accumulated wealth of knowledge and expertise within their industries has equipped us to develop tailored, viable plans.

“In my career I have worked with several benefit providers and a variety of agencies.

Hands down the most reliable, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned is my personal favorite in the industry, Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates. They treat us like family and go the extra steps to ensure our needs are met to the full limits of our plans.

Individually or as a team their word is solid, they will have your best interest at heart.”

D. Taylor, Controller/Administrator
Alliance Truss Ltd.

Alliance Truss Ltd

“I am genuinely pleased to recommend the services of Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates. I have found them to be professional as well as innovative in recommending improvements to our benefits package. They have developed a program for us that is beneficial to our employees while keeping in mind the financial implications to the company. We value our relationship with Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates and look forward to a long-term partnership with them.”

R. Sangara, President
Leslie Forest Products Ltd.

Leslie Forest Products Ltd.