Our clients have bragging rights

And they’re not afraid to use them

“Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates have been our employee representatives since 1979. We’ve appreciated our relationship and the attention paid to our company’s needs. Your competitive rates and efficient service has allowed us to maintain a long-term relationship that goes far beyond the sale alone. You work hard to maintain the relationship, with attention to detail and immediate response/follow-up to any and all requests.”

G. Rennie, President
Northland Properties Limited (Sandman Inns/Denny’s Canada)

Northland Properties Limited (Sandman Inns/Denny's Canada)

“In my career I have worked with several benefit providers and a variety of agencies.

Hands down the most reliable, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned is my personal favorite in the industry, Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates. They treat us like family and go the extra steps to ensure our needs are met to the full limits of our plans.

Individually or as a team their word is solid, they will have your best interest at heart.”

D. Taylor, Controller/Administrator
Alliance Truss Ltd.

Alliance Truss Ltd


“We have worked with Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates for a number of years, and have found them to be very knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive to our needs. Our Office Manager, Linda Dombrowski, who handles all the staff benefits, has told me many times how wonderful their representatives are to work with. We have been particularly pleased with their specialized knowledge of the education industry. They understand our unique needs and those of our teachers and staff.”

P. Barner, Administrative Head
Pacific Montessori Society



“Our new plan became effective February 1, 2007. It was an effortless changeover from our previous insurance carrier to the new plan thanks to Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates. Their professionalism and efficiency made our transition a pleasure. Kindly express my thanks to them.”

S. Singer, President and Founder
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

“Schmunk Gatt Smith and Associates has been working with Maria Montessori Academy since June 2003 and we have received excellent and courteous service from them at all times. No questions or concerns are too small from them and a prompt response is always given.”

Maria Montessori Academy

Maria Montessori Academy


“I am genuinely pleased to recommend the services of Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates. I have found them to be professional as well as innovative in recommending improvements to our benefits package. They have developed a program for us that is beneficial to our employees while keeping in mind the financial implications to the company. We value our relationship with Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates and look forward to a long-term partnership with them.”

R. Sangara, President
Leslie Forest Products Ltd.

Leslie Forest Products Ltd.

“Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates has been our benefits agent for more than 20 years and it has been a delight working their well-organized team. They always make time for us and their response to any of our needs and/or concerns is prompt and efficient. Thank you for all your wonderful help, it is much appreciated.”

Rosie Chen, HR & Business Office
BC Christian Academy

BC Christian Academy

“Teaming up with the professionals at Schmunk Gatt Smith is a relationship that Pacific Christian School truly values and recommends. They are always friendly and on hand whenever we need help and advice, and they have provided PCS with professional service almost 15 years.

Their professionalism and in depth knowledge gives us the confidence that we are well covered and our best interest are in mind. Managing both our group benefits as well as our pension plan, we know the team at Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates are there for us.”

David Bolink, Director of Operations
Pacific Christian School

BC Christian Academy

“Thank you for being our advocate and partner in consistently delivering quality, value-added service and advice regarding our group insurance plan at Kelowna Christian School. We count it a pleasure to being your client.”

Mike Hansum, Director of Finance & Operations
Kelowna Christian School

Kelowna Christian School